“Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it if it is within your power to help.”Proverbs 3:27, 28
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The following comments were provided by residents of Legacy Place Cottages.

What do you like about Legacy Place Cottages?

“I like the fact that it’s built for relatively few residents. I also like the construction of the rooms. I like the fact that I’ll be residing with witnesses. I also like its location and the general arrangement.” Male resident
“I like that I’ll be having an association with others of my faith.” Female resident
“The fact that I'm among friends, those who believe as I do. We have become, actually, a family, you could say.” Female resident
“I like it because we get along so well together. Many families are separated to some extent and here we are, one large group with one thought in mind.” Female resident

What do you like about the home being run by Jehovah’s Witnesses for Jehovah’s Witnesses?

“The home being run by Jehovah’s Witnesses gives it a theocratic orientation, as contrasted to sports or science or something or other. Also, because the residents will be witnesses, it leads to a personal lifestyle that is theocratic, [which] is very desirable.” Male resident

How has living at Legacy Place changed you?

“By participating in certain studies, I have come to a much greater understanding because we all have an opportunity to talk together, to comment, and we learn a great deal that way.” Female resident
“I still feel the same, but the fact that we are together like that, it's easy to keep what you have when you don't feel so good. Much more, not only for me, but also for everybody because all the people that are here are getting old and I think we can help each other with prayer.” Female resident
“It has improved my spiritual life because it has increased emphasis on theocratic matters. I am with people who talk about theocratic things, who worship Jehovah, who are friendly, and are good and it is a very desirable basis for all [these things].” Male resident
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