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Living at Legacy Place Cottages

Legacy Place Cottages can accommodate up to 44 residents in three "households" on a 2.4-acre campus in a residential neighborhood of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The cottages were designed along the lines of the "small house model of care," allowing those who live there both privacy and community, living as part of a large family that feels very much like living in thier own home.

With a focus on relationship-centered, person-directed care for all who live in the cottages, the residents, family members, and staff have many opportunities to provide input and perspective.

Innovative Residential Care Design

Each of the households centers around a beautiful living room with a hearth that sets the stage for a warm and inviting environment. Nearby is an open kitchen, parlor, activity area, and dining area. Each household has 10 suites, several of which can accommodate two people if a resident has a spouse who qualifies to live there or if they would prefer having a roommate living with them. The tastefully decorated cottages have spacious front porches and patios placed on a beautifully landscaped campus.

The small scale and single-level design eliminates stairs, long hallways, and elevators. One of the homes will serve those with memory impairment. Suites range in size from 345 to 575 square feet and include a sitting area, sleeping area and a private bathroom with a walk-in shower. The suites in the two personal care households also include a small kitchenette. Each room has a beautiful view of the well-maintained grounds and gardens.

A Supportive Spiritual Environment

Legacy Place Cottages consists of three households that provide a loving community where fellow believers can share spiritual values, live by Bible principles, continue to make their own choices, and live as independently as possible. Our main purpose is to provide an environment in which our brothers and sisters feel loved, well supported, and appreciated in a household run for their benefit.

A spiritually qualified elder from a local congregation volunteers as the Pastoral Care Coordinator. He oversees the spiritual activities of the residents within the home, ensuring that all who live there are able to maintain a spiritual routine. Upbuilding activities, such as the consideration of the daily text, preparing for the weekly Watchtower study, Family Worship night, Bible trivia games, and open discussions of the Bible Reading are resident favorites at Legacy Place Cottages.

Excellent Personal Care

Personal care attendants and certified nursing assistants become "care partners" to the residents. They provide support and assistance which, if needed, may include personal care, activities, assistance with eating meals, light housekeeping, and laundry. Residents are encouraged to handle these things as independently as possible for as long as they are able. However, when assistance is needed, qualified staff members are always nearby.

You will see the care partners doing many things around the house, including laundry, housekeeping, social and spiritual activities, meal preparation and service. You may even see them doing some yard work. The care partners will join residents at the dining room table for lunch and dinner, eating together as a family after the prayer. Either a care partner or a volunteer will conduct the discussion of the daily text at the noon meal every day.

A Personalized Plan

Upon admission, the Care Manager will work with new residents, family members, and their physician to develop a support plan that serves as a detailed outline of care services requested or required. This will include: the medication administration your doctor has ordered for you; any assistance needed for activities of daily living such as at mealtimes, for mobility, dressing or grooming, bathing, or in relation to memory care; activities that support or enhance independence and choice; hobbies, interests, favorite foods, family background and spiritual history. Staff members will update this support plan regularly and will use it to be sure that each person who lives there is known and cared for well.

Caring professionals will provide clinical support around the clock, always taking the preferences of the residents into consideration. You will be able to wake up when you would like to and go to bed on your own schedule.

Maintain Your Independence

Our model incorporates an innovative design and an organizational structure that allows the care partners to be completely engaged with the operation of the household as well as the lives of the residents. This model of care creates a close-knit community that honors autonomy and privacy as well as provides opportunities to develop close personal relationships between residents, their families, and the staff. Once you have settled in, you may want to volunteer to welcome other new residents and help them feel comfortable in their new home.

The community meets regularly, sometimes over a meal, to discuss the goings-on of the household. Menus, activities, relationships and concerns will be part of the conversation. You have a voice in any household decisions that affect you. The managers will make themselves available to you so that you can share your perspective.

Meaningful Engagement

The residents of Legacy Place Cottages are able to engage in meaningful activities as you would if you were still at home. If you would like to participate in planning a meal, setting the table or just enjoy sitting in the parlor reading the newspaper, you are welcome to do so. The mail is delivered to the home, and if you’d like to have a newspaper subscription, just let us know and we will help you get the subscription ordered.

The normal routine for Jehovah’s Witnesses of going out in the ministry, family worship, and congregation meeting attendance is encouraged and supported. There are shopping trips, gardening, reading, painting, singing, watching television – and the scheduled monthly JW Broadcast, as well as numerous other activities that represent the preferences and choices of the residents living there. If you have a particular hobby or skill and would like to lead a group, please let us know.

A schedule of weekly and monthly activities will be posted in the common area on the information board and also be placed in your room for easy reference. Private time for study, self-reflection and meditation are also encouraged and supported. If you’d like some one-on-one time with someone, let us know and we will find a private space for a conversation. Volunteers and family members are always welcome to join us for activities and outings.


Meals are shared experiences at Legacy Place, allowing residents to interact with each other and staff, developing and maintaining close personal relationships.

Breakfast is available from early morning through 10:00 a.m. Lunch and dinner are served in the dining room, the natural gathering place in any home. Lunch is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. and dinner at 5:30 p.m. Healthy meals using fresh ingredients are prepared daily in the open kitchen. Residents are encouraged to bring their favorite recipes. If you have guests, they are welcome to join you for a meal. We just ask that you give us a couple of hours’ notice so that we are sure to make enough for everyone!

All suites in the personal care households are equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave oven, and a small sink. Snacks are available in the house kitchen for you anytime, day or night. Feel free to keep a few items in your room for your convenience.

Memory Care

Legacy Place Cottages offers an alternative for those who can no longer live at home due to memory impairment. One of the households is designed exclusively to accommodate those in need of a secure and loving environment. Care is given to creating and maintaining a sense of purpose, contentment, and a predictable daily rhythm. Care partners who work in this household have received additional training in order to support those with a diagnosis of dementia.

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