“Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it if it is within your power to help.”Proverbs 3:27, 28
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Jah-Jireh Homes of America (JJHA)

Unique homes that provide assisted living care and foster respect and support for the religious beliefs of aging and infirm Jehovah's Witnesses

In the past, many faithful older servants of Jehovah have been unable to find a living arrangement where their personal care as well as their spiritual needs are supported and dignified. To answer that need, Jah-Jireh Homes of America (JJHA) has opened its first home, called Legacy Place Cottages in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Jehovah Provides

Founded in 2014, the nonprofit JJHA organization constructed Legacy Place to provide care for up to 44 residents. The 2.4-acre campus has three beautifully designed cottages, with private and semi-private suites available. These private areas are connected to thoughtfully planned, centralized living spaces.

Our design offers a single level for easy mobility and facilitates ongoing assistance, as needed, from the staff to allow residents to live independently as long as possible. The cottages' unique layout also provides opportunities for true community, friendship, and spiritual support for its residents. One of the three cottages has been prepared to accommodate memory-impaired residents.

Staffed primarily by Jehovah's Witnesses, JJHA is dedicated to helping residents feel safe, loved, and appreciated every day, as they grow older in a supportive household.

As part of a vibrant JJHA community, residents can maintain their healthy spiritual routine, engage socially with fellow Witnesses through meals and community activities, and associate with a local congregation.

Learn how JJHA can support you and your loved ones, now and into the future.

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